July, 2017

Web Observatory: Connecting Data, Apps and Analytics

Poster at Digital Day Open Innovation Partnership in Southampton, UK

Poster Abstract

The Web Observatory is a system that locates and makes visible your metadata or, if you choose, your actual data, apps and projects from around the world. It has common technical standards, safe guards, collection and analysis tools, to allow us to observe the web and use the intelligence it holds in new and exciting ways.

Researchers and developers from around the world are contributing their metadata, datasets,apps and tools to existing web observatories. Just open an account with a current Web Observatory and create a listing, set your controls and you are away. You can also use the Web Observatory API to develop new applications using datasets shared on Web Observatories from around the world.

This poster focused on three technical points of the Web Observatory: decentralisation, privacy and extensibility.

I designed this poster with a flatline style in mind.

Web Observatory Poster

Videos Introducing the Web Observatory