May, 2016

Facilitating data-driven innovation using VOICE observatory infrastructure

Eugene Siow, Xin Wang, Thanassis Tiropanis


Data is the new capital of the global economy and data analysis can increase efficiency and reduce costs for innovation. Finding and accessing both public and private data is essential to exploiting this data capital. In this paper we describe a platform, VOICE Observatory (VO), that provides an infrastructure and analytical resources to facilitate data-driven innovation. The VO curates a catalogue of analytical resources and provides secure access to them. Through the VO, users can efficiently share, find and use curated analytical resources to create new analytics. Furthermore, the VO provides a well-defined API for authorised applications to access datasets on the behalf of certain users.

Publication Meta Information

In Proceedings of the Workshop on Data-Driven Innovation on the Web held in Hannover, Germany DOI: 10.1145 /2911187.2914584