July, 2016

Dweet.io IoT device schema

Eugene Siow

A collection of IoT schemata to determine the characteristics of IoT data. The focus was on whether IoT data was complex or flat, wide or narrow, numerical or non-numerical and even or unevenly spaced.

There were 22,662 schemata collected in Jan2016 of which 1,541 are empty and 9,561 are non-IoT schemata (dweet.zip). Each schema is a .json file and they are classified into folders (complex, empty, flat).

Additional collected content (available in Apr 2017) of dweets is in another file called dweet_content.zip. Each set of content is a .json file.

Date of data collection

12 Jan 2016 to 14 Feb 2016 and Apr 2017

Licenses or restrictions placed on the data

ODC-BY 1.0 License


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Siow E., Tiropanis T., Hall W. (2016) Interoperable and Efficient: Linked Data for the Internet of Things. In: Bagnoli F. et al. (eds) Internet Science. INSCI 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 9934. Springer, Cham