ISWC 2016
9 months ago

The International Semantic Web Conference 2016 was held in Kobe, Japan and was very very well organised. There was a lot of exciting research work on the Semantic Web and related fields and interest from industry (plenty of great application and resource papers). I presented 2 papers titled SPARQL-to-SQL on Internet of Things Databases and Streams and PIOTRe: Personal Internet of Things Repository (including a demo) at the conference. The conference was featured on NHK world.

There were 3 wonderful keynotes and I especially liked the one by Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Labs and Professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, titled  Artificial Intelligence to Win the Nobel Prize and Beyond: Creating the Engine for Scientific Discovery.

My work was presented at the streams session and demos session at the conference.

My slides are available here: SPARQL-to-SQL on Internet of Things Databases and Streams, Presentation @ ISWC2016

And there’s a video of my talk at

The research track paper is published by Springer:

While the demo track paper is available from CEUR-WS:

Finally, the conference website is here: