Tutoring at a Web Science Winter School in Shenzhen
1 year ago

This time I was asked to tutor at a Web Science Winter School in Tsinghua Graduate School in Shenzhen, China with postgraduate participants from the University of Southampton, National University of Singapore, KAIST, Tsinghua and the University of Beijing participating.


Tsinghua were great hosts and we had 4 groups led by 4 tutors.


The project I had prepared for the team was using both geospatial (sensor and IoT) and social media (twitter) data to analyse the Singapore Haze Crisis.

This was the project page prepared: http://eugenesiow.github.io/sensor-data/index.html

Plus others I prepared for the other projects: http://eugenesiow.github.io/wellbeing-page/ and http://eugenesiow.github.io/inno-app/

The team was excellent and nearly got the top prize with a snazzy visualisation of the data which is now on the Web Observatory.



The keynote day also saw the students exposed to some top quality academic work from soton, NUS, Tsinghua and KAIST.