Southampton Trivia
2 years ago

I’ve only been in Southampton a few months now but there are so many wonderfully interesting bits of trivia about the city…

1. The Titanic set sail from Southampton on 10 April 1912

2. In the book Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Vernes, Southampton is mentioned as a possible destination for the transatlantic voyage, though it would take too long.

3. Clarence Birdseye tested cod sticks on shoppers in Southampton and because of the positive response, they were rolled out as fish fingers across the country.

4. The Mayflower, the pilgrim ship to the new world, left from or at least docked at Southampton.

5. Southampton possesses the longest surviving stretch of medieval walls in England! 

6. Southampton has an airport with flights as far as Mallorca, Corsica, Faro and Hamburg.

7. The Spitfire, a British-made WWII plane, is often associated with Southampton where its prototype was tested at what is now Southampton Airport and factories assembling it were located here.

8. There are 2 universities in Southampton, the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University.

9. Southampton is home to the historic Tudor house.

10. The new Britannia cruise ship sails from Southampton.